Tour support Services

At Estilo Travel we have a full customer service approach when it comes to organising tours.

Tour Planning

We have worked in schools and we understand the time and administrative pressures on teachers when it comes to gaining tour approval. We provide all Tour Managers with a Tour Planning Kit to make the process as simple and efficient as possible, and we are available to visit your school or club to present the tour concept to your prospective touring party or management body.

Risk Management

The safety of your group is the focus of our operations at Estilo Travel. All touring groups are provided with a unique Safety Management System Document. This document includes important information on the Department of Foreign Affairs, Risk Management, service provider safety, emergency procedures, travel insurance, pre-tour meetings, compliance, responsibilities and code of conduct of staff and students/group members.

fundraising assistance

We help groups to fundraise for their travel with complimentary, specially designed raffle tickets. We donate the major prize and provide the raffle ticket booklets free of charge so your group can sell tickets to raise funds to help manage your group travel costs.

cool prizes

We are currently running a fun video competition, just submit a short video showcasing your tour highlights and you could win prizes with a value of up to $300 (overall winner) and $50 one-off prizes for any footage we use for promotional purposes.